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Atlantic Integrated

To build a truly magical amplifier when money is not an issue is relatively easy to achieve. To build a truly magical amplifier when you are trying to offer something affordable is a very different matter. Back in 2013 Graham started looking into making an affordable Tron amplifier that would meet a new set of design criteria that he had not looked at before. The amplifier had to be affordable, compact, flexible offering different valve/tube options and still meet all the quality aspects famous in all previous Tron designs.

The Atlantic Integrated came along after requests for an affordable 300B amplifier that can be used with the Convergence Phono stage to gave an amazing analogue sound for the price, but still maintaining all the sound and build quality Tron is renown for. Each Atlantic Integrated is made and tested by Graham ensuring the same level of quality as in his more expensive designs.


C-core output transformers, C-core choke, Teflon valve bases, valve rectified power supply, DC filament supplies for the output valves, CNC machined Aircraft grade alloy chassis designed so that no screws/bolts/nuts or other fasteners are showing, supplied with Electro-Harmonix 300Bs, D3a driver stage, CMC input RCAs, Hand made in the UK, All parts used come from the UK, Europe and the USA. Available in either Silver and Black finish, or Gold and Black finish as shown.


Input: - 3 x RCA inputs (L+R) all 100k Ohms.
Output: - 1 set of 3 x 4mm binding posts per channel.
Valve complement: - 2 x D3a, 2 x 300B, 1 x 5U4GB.
Power output: - 8 Watts (Class A) Measured up to 10 watts.
Frequency response: - 5Hz - 95kHz +/- 3dB.
Output impedance: - 4 & 8 Ohm or 8 & 16 Ohms.
Mains Supply: 115–240 volts AC (50–60Hz). Earth lift included.
Power Consumption: 300VA
Dimensions (mm): 400w × 250d × 250h
Weight: 27kg (net)
Warranty: 2 years (parts and labour)

Model Options

Atlantic Integrated

Colour choice: Silver/Black
Price £9500 including custom flight case to ship anywhere in the world.